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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  September 19, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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it's 7:00 saturday. i'm mike hydeck. we are following breaking news overnight. we're learning more about the man behind a string of shootings in arizona. >> reporter: eagerly awaiting pope francis' arrival. have you looked outside yet? visibility is very low. i'll get to the rest of the saturday forecast. it's improving. >> thank you for joining us, i'm mike hydeck and she's allyson rae.
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we have several breaking stories including violence in d.c. >> there's a lot going on today. and we have the air show today. and we're dealing with fog. it's going to clear up. it's just going to take a few hours. the show doesn't start for a few more hours. we have a dense fog advisory in place until 10:00. 68degrees and winds out of the south. after the fog lifts, you have a layer of thin clouds and more sunshine during the afternoon followed by clouds for the this evening. once the fog goes away it's going to be a great looking saturday. here's a look at the dense fog for the areas in the district. [ no captioner audio ]
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a suspect under arrest. leslie allen merit jr. arrested friday in a phoenix parking lot. he has been freenessically linked to four of the shootings. a gun found on him matches a description. his mother-in-law says he would never do this. >> he's not like that. he has a big heart. he would not do this, especially when he's working hard to support his two kids. and he goes to work and does everything he's supposed to be doing. >> reporter: the investigation is going to continue even after this arrest. motorists should remain
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vigilant in arizona. the intense rivalry kept going after the game last night. police had to break up a brawl between students after the game was over. some of them were taken away in patrol cars. it's not clear if anyone was charged. a man is behind bars, accused of beating his mother to death with a rolling pin. charles crockett is faces murder charges after getting in an argument with his mother. she died on september 16th. a relative who restrained him until police arrived also suffered minor injuries. i love these shows. more than 100,000 are expected to attend the air show in county. surae chinn is live with a preview. >> reporter: we are so excited to be here at joint base
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andrews. they don't open up the base every day so today is the day to come. gates open at 9 a.m. and the opening ceremonies start at 11:30. behind me is the wart hog. amazing aircraft. all over the tarmac here. but this is the joint base andrews air show 2015. people are very excited to be here after a three-year hiatus because of budget cuts. today is the day to come. but there's so much to see. yesterday there was the rehearsal for all the aircraft and also the f-16 thunderbirds. they did a missing man formation. that will also happen today. so many things to see. the big tip though is to park at fedexfield and also branch
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avenue metro. i'm sure ray chin. back to you. . the nationals are honoring one of the three men who stopped the shooting on the paris bound train. spencer stone throwing out the first pitch last night. he was in a high speed train from amsterdam to paris when the gunman opened fire. stone and his friends overpowered him. and delays and lawsuits -- the $141 million center will be the second largest bus transit facility behind the pentagon station. the center was supposed to open five years ago but major flaws were discovered in the concrete poured for multilevel parking deck. the delays and ballooning
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budget led to lawsuits against firms involved in the construction. county, a tax on three taxi -- attacks on three taxi drivers. video shows a pair of men walking through tacoma park metroation. they get in a cab and were taken to their destination. one driver was hit with pepper spray and another was cut in the neck. happening today, washington dulles international airport is hosting the family festival. the event donates funds to special olympics virginia and is free and open to the public. 10:30a.m. to 4 p.m. if you'd like to head out there. more yell buzzer takes to the air to address the homicide rate. and a lawsuit is filed
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where dinner out turned into a sickening experience. coming up next, we are live in cuba as the island nation prepares for pope. details on what to expect for the visit. it's warm out here and the fog is starting to lift in the district. it's going to be a pretty good looking day after the morning clouds go away. we'll see temperatures head to the mid-80s, a lot of sunshine ahead of a cold front. the cold front is not bringing so many rain showers but definitely clouds for
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good morning if you're just waking up. pope francis is on his way to cuba this morning and asking for your prayers. he tweeted out his request for the prayers as he boarded a trip from rome to havana and his trip will also take him to
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washington, d.c., philadelphia, and new york city. pope francis is heading to cuba today and this is his first visit to both countries. he was a key player in the renewed relations between the united states and cuba. he'll bring religious and political messages with him. adriana diaz joins us live. what an historic trip, adrianna. >> reporter: good morning, mike. the pope is on the way to cuba and the island is abuzz with excitement. officials told us yesterday they're ready for the first latin american pope's first trip to cuba. the final coats of paint are being applied. the pope will celebrate sunday mass from this stage in revolution square. there are 3500 seats just for special guests. the lead architect expects
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thousands more. [ speaking spanish ] francis is the first latin american pope he says and he's played a role in this historic moment. that refers to renewed relations with the united states after 54 years. francis spoke with scott pelley ahead of his trip. >> reporter: what is your goal for america? [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: to meet people, he told us. in a message on state run television. he said that jesus never abandoned us and he loves them very much. a poll found that less than a third of cubans identify as catholic. but the pope's distinct style is popular in cuba. >> he's very interested in being inclusive and speaking
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about social justice issues like poverty that appeals to a broader audience than just catholics. there'll be a welcome ceremony at the airport. and crowds will be lining the streets, hoping to catch a glimpse. >> and for the latest on the papal visit, you can download our app. we were joking yesterday when allyson was doing her on camera work. she mentioned every single sporting event happening and there's hundreds. >> we have navy, we have d.c. united. we have nats. tomorrow we have skins, we have the washington mystics, wnba
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and the air show. >> festivals everywhere. >> so lots to do. find something. and the weather is going to hold out. we are a little bit foggy and that will go away. the dense fog advisory goes until 10:00. take a look at our michael and son camera. we're heading to the mid-80s all ahead of a cold front. 68degrees and cloudy skies and that's really because of the fog. winds out of the south. and we'll stay with winds out of the south for today and today only. tomorrow is a big jumpdown. two completely different days saturday and sunday. but both pretty good for the weekend plans. visibility is at zero for gaithersburg and warrenton. low beams and give yourself extra time or wait an hour and things will improve. we're looking at a half mile visibility at andrews, but i'm sure the air show will be
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great. we'll see a lot of sunshine later on today. a cold front is headed our way. through the maryland panhandle you'll see the showers. but it's not going to make its way to our area. we're headed to the mid- to upper 80s. the most humid we've been in a while. you'll feel it this morning. as we go through the future cast. here come the showers by 8:30. and through the evening it just falls apart. the clouds start to increase and behind this cooler weather and breezy. tomorrow will be cool and breezy. we start with the clouds and increasing sunshine throughout the afternoon. by monday cooler again with showers farther south and west. not everyone will see the showers. a 10-degree drop for tomorrow. and 74 for monday and then 80
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by next week. happening today, the capitol season is less than two months away. a training camp experience is hosted at the ice plex. the alums will be signing autographs as well. still to come, in search of a sweet treat and getting stuck in the process. check out the best caught on camera video next. and he was arrested for a science project. but did a young american musl
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and reach for the one you deserve. [ no captioner audio ] customers were sickened by salmonella. the figure and olive restaurant was shut down after 10 confirmed cases of salmonella. one woman filed a lawsuit claiming pain and emotional distress. the restaurant opened for business once again on wednesday. a young boy suspended from school over a science project could have returned to class on friday. by ahmed muhammad was absent and his parents are searching for a new school. his homemade clock was mistaken
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for a bomb. many believe -- by his muslim faith. >> anyone who sees a child, parents can relate to this. they should come out here in support. >> a spokesperson for the school is refusing to discuss his status citing the family's right to privacy. first alert weather time. a busy weekend. >> a good thing the weather is is going to hold out. we're starting with dense fog. visibility is low. and in a couple of hours it will improve. use the low beams and give yourself extra space. but in a couple of hours, we're not going to have any problems at all. most areas will be completely dry. those areas that could see showers later on today through the evening hours would be way up through the maryland panhandle and areas on 81, even near winchester. we're dealing with zero
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visibility through wayneton. things are improving at gaithersburg. mid- to upper 80s. it's going to feel hot in the sunshine. here comes the cold front and brings cool weather. and it's going to feel like fall weather for the skins game tomorrow. we'll talk about a new tropical storm coming up later. here's andrea. good morning. have you ever been to a pinkie party. it saturdays for the purposely involved in keeping individuals educationed. next wednesday the 23rd. there's an all day pinkie mammogram party and it's free. it will be at doctors community hospital in latin ham maryland . at the party, women are educated about insurance benefits, the importance of health screenings, and if needed they can get an annual well woman exam that includes a mammogram. and they'll learn about the health resources available in
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their community. for more information, check out it's in the genes website. i'm andrea roane, have a great weekend. >> reporter: we are taking a tour of the joint base andrews air show. that's the jelly belly plane. and look at the vintage aircraft. a sampling of what you can see. i'm surae chinn. we'll be live in 10 minutes. papal problems, road closures, jammed cell phones, what to expect when the pope comes to d.c. and the late show with ♪
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in case you missed it. here's what is trending. photography is not thought of a
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contact sport but it seems so in this video. >> national geographic photographer posted this on instagram. a crocodile launched its body out of the water and towards a peace of meat dangling in the air. super scary. up next on facebook, the feature almost everybody has been waiting for. the company is close to unveiling a button to help express empathy. it's not exactly the dislike button. think of it as a sympathize button. >> >> best friends come in all species. >> and this one is sure to melt your heart. bassett hound phoebe was trapped in a ravine. and her friend tilly stayed with her every day only leaving
7:26 am
to get help. i'm joni v. here's something you don't see every day, a tomato shaped like a duck. that's funny. >> the tomato was grown by a couple in michigan and it actually just grew that way, period. we've shown you a skunk in a soda can and now one in a yogurt container. >> two officers coming to the rescue. oh, my goodness. he was looking for food and he got his head stuck. the officers were able to pull the container off and never got sprayed. it's your chance to see the heart stopping breathtaking arrow battics at the andrews air show. we're live on the runway. and will donald trump hit the stump today? we'll have the latest on the
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republican front-runner coming up next. and we're dealing with a lot of fog. and things will improve this afternoon. it's going to be hot. a little bit on the humid side but clouds u[uu
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good morning. it's 7:30. i'm mike hydeck.
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high and low. military muscle will fill the skies and the runways at joint base andrews. we'll have a live preview coming up. and as the pope departs for cuba, everybody is gearing up. and if the beatles are the sound track to your life, we have the details. we are looking at a lot of fog but take a look at the tower cam. i just saw a little bit of sun and it went away but i promise you'll see sun later on. what about changes in the temperature? a big drop is coming. thank you for joining us. i'm mike hydeck and she's allyson rae. we have a lot of breaking news. and we're going live to the air show. a lot going on and weather is important this weekend. >> big time. we have a lot going on and a lot of games to cover.
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the fog is not going to stay around. by 10:00 you'll see big improvements. we just need the temperature to start to warm up. and everything will start to fade away. kind of a dreary start to the morning but we'll see sunshine this afternoon. today is going to be probably one of the warmest days we've seen in a while. almost 10 degrees above average. southerly winds and look at the dew point. it's high and it's going to feel humid. during the middle of the day when we're 86 to 88 degrees. dense fog advisory until 10:00. and they extended it farther to the north if you're traveling to the baltimore region. it's going to stick around. here it is. the fog tracker, half a mile visibility. and a quarter mile forking from
7:32 am
-- fredericksburg . >> lots of rain to the west. we stay dry today. and clouds will increase. and areas well off to the west. you'll see a couple of showers, i'll have the future cast coming up. a warm day with sunshine during the afternoon. and we'll talk about the changes and the new tropical storm coming up a little bit later. [ no captioner audio ] aviation history will be on display at joint base andrews. surae chinn is on the runway with a preview. good morning, surae. an exciting day at joint base andrews. the air show is going on after a three-year hiatus. i'm with a special ops commander. you'll be jumping out of an aircraft. >> a couple times we'll jump
7:33 am
out of the huey helicopter and demonstrating how we land in tight spaces. >> reporter: what a thrill you get when you jump out of an aircraft. >> we practice and practice and it's not so much the fear of coming out of the aircraft, it's the fear of doing a good performance for the folks and going out in the crowd afterwards and letting everyone pack your parachute is always a fun time. >> how did rehearsals go. it was interesting to integrate with last minute ceremonies. we were able to participate with the pow-mia flag presentation. >> how is it to be out in the community? >> it's great for us. we are the face of -- and we represent the 67,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines of
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special operations. we have members deployed to 90 countries worldwide defending our freedom and in harm's way. it's a great honor to be able to represent the command in this way. >> reporter: opening ceremonies -- [ no captioner audio ] two homicides overnight in the district. raising the death toll to 114 this year. the first was in northwest d.c. at 11 p.m. and the other just before 5 a.m. in south d.c. the 112th homicide took place on harvard street. a man was found with gunshot wounds and the man died before midnight. police do not have a suspect and the victim's name is not being released. the battle against synthetic marijuana is a long way from over. five people were rushed to the hospital friday and are in
7:35 am
serious condition but not life- threatening. the police chief believes the surging homicide rate in the city is connected in part to the use of synthetic drugs. and mayor muriel bowser took to the airwaves. >> she was a guest on the -- show. the death toll is now over 110. statistics show most of the killings have happened east of the an cost ya river. it's going to take more than law enforcement to get a handle on the violence. >> we are focused on not just the police issues but the human services issues that can help our city be safer. >> the mayor says she will unveil her three pronged approach combining policing, economic growth, and job development in the city's poorest neighborhoods. a federal appeals court
7:36 am
struck down some of the legislation. the court ruled the city cannot ban gun owners from registering more than one pistol per month or require them to reregister every three years. and it let the requirement stand that owners need a firearms safety course and need to be fingerprinted and photographed. a suspect has been arrested in the phoenix shootings. leslie merit was arrested in a phoenix parking lot. he has been forensically linked to the first four shootings. a gun found on him matching the weapon used in the case. >> doctors have ruled a mother of two missing children is not mentally fit to stand trial. she's been implicated in the disappearance of her children, sarah and jacob. her next court appearance is
7:37 am
coming up in november. the mother of this little girl has been arrested. her boyfriend is charged with her murder after she was found in a trash bag on an island in the boston harbor. she was known as baby doe until a massive campaign identified her as 2-year-old bella bond. and now michael mccarthy and michelle bond are under arrest. a vigil was held in boston for the little girl so many knew as baby doe. >> she's free now. so many people fell in love with her. the rose petals symbolizes everybody's love for the her. and now weactually have a name. >> michael mccarthy and rachelle bond will be arraigned on monday. a man is charged with the murders of six more people.
7:38 am
45-year-old william devin powell is facing felony murder. police found the bodies in connecticut and all seven victims disappeared in 2003. he's serving a 15-year prison sentence for the manslaughter. as the pope heads for cuba. people in washington are scrambling to get ready for the visit. >> but with the papal visit comes problems. roads will be closed. congestion and just plain crazy to navigate. the traffic issues could be a problem for those who may need to seek medical attention. mayor bowser says they are ramping up the number of ambulances. >> they've done 25 events just like this one. and they're prepared to call in resources to make sure we can support the pope's visit and our neighborhood. >> and cell phone providers are warning customers that network
7:39 am
demand will be bigger than crowds at super bowl games or new year's eve at times square. t-mobile says if you can't get a call through try a text. >> and many are putting up extra towers so hopefully it won't be that bad. find all the road closures on the wusa 9 app. a local hospital is is marking the pope's visit in washington, d.c. by renaming the emergency care center. providence hospital has officially dedicated the pope francis emergency department. happening today, day one in washington, d.c. the latino culture is celebrated and there's a parade down constitution today. still to come, we're about to find out about a fundraiser helping dogs find a forever home. and will the donald be back on the campaign trail as his
7:40 am
bid for the president hits a bit of turbulence. and what a woman is asking her online friends do to her own dog. it's warm and a touch on the humid side as the fog lingers, but we're going to see a warm day, almost hot. here's a look at the fog tracker, quarter mile visibility. it will improve for the show. improvements for areas to the west of the district. we'll get to the details of the sunshine and a drop
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and the power of a card... that opens doors in all fifty states. giving you the freedom to love to dream to dance like no one is watching. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. good saturday morning to you. we're keeping a close eye on the road closures for the weekend. because of the army navy marathon on sunday, the sections of rock creek will be
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closed. actually, quite close to the national zoo. be mindful. and maybe you should sign up for the race if you want to. and we're waiting for pope's arrival. on tuesday and wednesday, some of the biggest road closures will be hatching on massachusetts avenue. fulton street northwest between 34th place and norman drive will be closed. you'll see a lot of restrictions. the pope will be spending his time at the vatican embassy. we'll keep a close eye on his visit. and for the complete road closures, check out our mobile app. that's free on the apple i store and google play. this is big tex and nobody represents the fair of texas better. they put on the finishing
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touches on his wardrobe, including the massive cowboy hat and all the dickys clothing. donald trump has hit some turbulence for the way he handled a question in a town hall. an audience member was negative about the muslim religion and president obama and trump let the comments go on challenged. >> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. >> but anyway, we have training camps -- where they want to kill us. when can we get rid of them? >> he claimed that the gop front-runner did not hear the question properly. and you can see him nodding his
7:45 am
head and saying right. he canceled one campaign event saying he had a significant business deal to complete. >> the late show with stephen colbert felt the burn friday night. bernie sanders was his guest. he asked him whether or not he thought he was the democratic trump prompting him to offer a harsh critique of the real estate mogul and republican front-runner. a texas woman is asking her friends to come and shoot her dog. the woman wrote in facebook i need someone to come and shoot my dog. no one here has the heart to do it. we will provide the gun. animal control officers who picked up the dog named cinnamon say the woman wanted it killed because she could no longer care for the her and the dog kept getting in the garbage. >> i work with these dogs every
7:46 am
day. they are my life. and when she walked in the door, it broke my heart. how could somebody shoot a sweet dog. >> the dog was taken to a foster family. authorities say the woman will not face charges since she surrendered the dog to animal control. always watching, always tracking, wusa 9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. i have never heard anything like that ever. >> terrible. makes me want to cry. >> i just hold my dog so precious. >> and we have a positive story about dogs coming up. if you're headed to the air show sunscreen is a must. >> definitely pack the sunscreen. don't let the fog fool you. i want to get you up to date in the tropics. we have a new tropical storm. i want to keep you up to date as we go through the active
7:47 am
months of hurricane season. tropical storm ida has formed and it's not going to impact anyone. it's just going to fade away into the atlantic. and we'll watch for the next named storm. that's good news. 68degrees. foggy and cloudy and a touch on the humid side. and today is going to be our warmest day and our most humid day all ahead of a cold front. and we'll see a big cool down. if you want fall weather, tomorrow. 68 in annapolis and the fog is pretty dense. in an hour it will start to improve. the fog advisory goes until 10:00. we're looking at a lot of sunshine later on. we have a cold front that's going to push on there. maryland panhandle to the 81 corridor and definitely through the mountains, you'll see showers with the front. once it crosses over the mountains, it loses all the moisture and most of us will
7:48 am
stay dry. we stay with the southerly winds, staying in the 80s. lots of sunshine and not a drop of rain in sight. here come the showers through cumberland. enjoy your evening. as we go through tomorrow morning, big changes, the front has come through. northwesterly winds and it will be breezy tomorrow. cloudy skies at 8:00 in the morning. and then increasing sunshine, breezy, cool, and increasing sunshine. and temperatures will stay in the 70s for sunday. so if you're headed to the skins game tomorrow it's going to feel like fall football weather. 87degrees today. 78 for tomorrow. and by monday it's going to stay cloudy and cooler. and some showers possible farther south and west. we start to warm up a little bit. next week chances for rain are questionable. we're keeping our eye on that. stay tuned and check our mobile app. and we'll have the latest forecast for you there. near 80 degrees by thursday. it's going to be a lot
7:49 am
easier to travel and do business in cuba soon. the obama administration is working to ease the trade and travel restrictions there. the wall street journal reports that direct postal service could begin soon and so could commercial flights and cruises as well. a warning for apple users. a significant number of customers say their mobile devices crashed while trying to download ios 9. many took to social media to complain. it seemed to be affecting those with older phones and ipads. and now a dating app for bacon lovers. sizzle works like tinder. if both of you like each other's profiles, you can see if it's a batch made in bacon
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heaven. from guitars and signed contracts. there's an auction line no other. >> peatles mania is hitting the auction block in new york city. >> if the beatles are the sound track of your life, how would you like to own a piece of memorabilia. >> it captures the entirety of the beatles career. >> there's the first contract they signed and the records -- remember the 45. >> p.s. i love you. >> it's the b side of the first single love me do. >> the song that really starts the story for most fans. they don't know about my bonnie. >> they don't know about a side, b side, or vinyl for that matter. >> this is a vintage bass made famous by paul mccartney and
7:51 am
paul has signed it. >> story is great. they wrote the greatest story in pop music and the music continues to bring people in. ♪ all you need is love. all you need is love. ♪ >> reporter: i'm surae chinn at joint base andrew air show. we are now seeing the jumbo aircraft. this is a refueling aircraft. and down below are the big cargo planes. the one at the end of the c 5, the largest aircraft in the u.s. air force. so much to see here. and the major thing you want to do is park at fedexfield or branch avenue metro station. doors open at 9 a.m. to the public and everything is free. live at joint base andrews,
7:52 am
surae chinn, wusa 9. and ending animal neglect every cup has a story. dunkin' k-cup packs in my life -- we're a good fit. a single serving for myself, it's pretty special. it is like having a dunkin' store in my home which is what i've always dreamed of. bring home delicious dunkin' k-cup packs today. your coffee, your dunkin'.
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and on face the nation. john dickerson is sitting down with hillary clinton and john will join us live with a preview tomorrow morning. tonight dogs will take to the catwalk for an event with an important goal to end animal neglect, abuse, and homelessness. saul tucker is the organizer of the event. thanks for coming in. he has with him lady. let's talk about the organization and the goal. >> the goal with players and pets is to end animal neglect and homelessness. we founded the players and pets concept back in 2012, early 2013 with that goal. since then i've actually raised this little girl over the last year and a half. and it's taken a larger toll on me personally. >> she's come a long way. she looks beautiful and she's very friendly and snuggled up to all of us. what was wrong with her?
7:56 am
>> she was tied to a 2-foot leash and somebody saw the dog tied to the back of a sofa and she had a cardboard box as a house. and they called animal control and rescued her and brought her to the d.c. area and she weighed 42 pounds and now he's 63 pounds after a year and a half of training and getting neglect over and getting her friendly with people now. >> what's the goal here. >> the goal is obviously to have these athletes who have a lot of love for animals themselves and on air folks like yourself who also enjoy an opportunity to be around animals. we'll-- a catwalk situation and these will be animals up for adoption. everybody can go to the facebook page to see more about the event. >> kristen berset will be
7:57 am
there. and surae chinn. and you can get autographs and help out a good cause. good luck with the event and lady looks fantastic. and let's do the final weather. >> it's going to be a good day. let's take a look at the 7-day forecast. we have big changes headed your way. 87degrees and humid and we stay dry. maryland panhandle, you could see some showers, for tomorrow, breezy and cool. and we'll start with clouds and fall weather sticks around. the first day of fall is wednesday. that's a wrap for saturday morning. our next news is 6 p.m. and we'll be back tomorrow morning. have a great day everybody. take care. >> bye.
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. good morning. september 19, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning" saturday. breaking news overnight, an arrest is made in the string of freeway shootings that terrorized phoenix. plus, in the air and on his way, the pope departs for his historic trip to cuba. and a camera captures a hiker's escape from the flood. and johnny depp's new film about whitey bulger


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